Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bobby & Andria are engaged!

Engagement photos of a couple, Bobby and Andria, who met at the great Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. I now consider this couple my  friends because during the photo shoot we discovered that we were both good friends with the same people from college.  This world just keeps getting smaller. Check out the rest of the photos below.  

Oh and I forgot to mention they have two photogenic dogs as well. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A small, September beach wedding. ( Port St. Joe, Florida.)

Nicole & Bryan Barbee's Wedding 
September 14, 2013
Port St. Joe, Florida
Nicole and Bryan Barbee had a small, September wedding weekend on the private beaches of Port St. Joe, Florida with close friends and family. What a great, fun and relaxing weekend! I could not have asked for more. ( I do not think I wore shoes the whole weekend.) 
 I have known Nicole since middle school and have remained close to her and her family ever since. After high-school most of our mutual friends, including myself, moved out of state so this weekend we not only got to celebrate the wedding but all of our friendships.  The weekend felt like a mini high school reunion. It was great getting a long weekend to just hang out and chill with everyone. WE are definitely going to do this more often. J

Loved Nicole's flower bouquet she made out of seashells. :)

 I love these girls so much and am so happy we got this weekend to all see each other at the same time.

That's me and the beautiful bride, I love this girl! 

 The end. (This was the house all the guests stayed in. )