Monday, October 26, 2009

Photo Studio Rocks at AG!

Over the summer the photo studio played against the design team in softball. They had real umpires and everything. I tried to emphasize the people that I worked with majority of the time by increasing the size of their heads in photoshop. Fun times! (from left to right: Terrill Bohlar, Nicole, Me, Tim Richter, and Mark Galbreath!)

Pink Cosmo Flowers going on the cover of a greeting card!

The image above is the final image chosen to be on the cover of a greeting card. Some of the flowers I shot for this shoot was shot in stylist, Kathy Kopach's backyard which she photographed me below. Stylist Tina Elkins also helped me out on this shoot. Also the image above is copyrighted by American Greetings Corporation and is to not be used for sale. 

Summer Internship Photography Sets I helped out on!

Springer Spaniel Photoshoot! 
The real model was much better. He had a small role in the movie Adventureland!
A Grandmother looking woman is really supposed to be sitting in the chair with a boombox. Ironic.
These two bottom photos were two separate shoots I worked on with Toby Shingleton. Instead of me being on the bull a nun is supposed to be. 

This was a very cool bar located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

The Colors I live by:

I had to create a color palette for a specific project and I was inspired by multiple images and colors for the color palette so turned it into one complete graphic piece. I love color and good design and combining it with photography.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

American Greetings Internship

Over the summer I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the summer internship program at the American Greetings World Headquarters located in Cleveland, Ohio. I interned in the photo/ creative studio. My main responsibilities for the summer was to help create greeting cards through photographing, re-touching, and stylizing.  These two photos I photographed along with Senior Photographer Mark Galbreath and Photo Stylist Tina Elkins and will be sold in stores nationwide in Target and Wal-Mart Summer 2010!! These images are fully owned by American Greetings Incorporation and cannot be used for sale use.