Thursday, June 23, 2011

My new favorite clothing store....All Saints Spitalfields

So my last trip to New York City I fell in love with this clothing store that some how I had never heard of, called All Saints. I just loved their window and store displays. They had a great collection of old wooden shoe horns, sewing machines and gears. Very industrial.

I think I instantly fell in love with all of their clothes, especially the Aztec Dazzle dress posted above. I have not been able to stop thinking about it since I left New York City almost a month ago. It retails for 350$. It is of course out of my price range so I can only dream of how I would style it. I love mixing pretty with rugged so I went through and picked out some of the accessories on All Saints website help finish the outfit. I love mixing different fabrics such as the sequins with the leather and the fringe with suede. It helps give off this sexy, yet classy, bad-ass vibe that I have been craving lately. Ugh, I love clothes and I love fashion.

Be sure to check out the store in Soho or find out where the nearest one is to you.

The Highline!

There are other places in Manhattan that has trees besides Central Park. All you have to do is look up next time you are in Chelsea. Yes, The Highline is an above ground park built over an old train track. No trains have run on the Highline track since 1980. The Highline Park is probably one of the coolest recycled, renovated, eco-friendly spaces I have ever seen. It is free and definitely worth checking out next time you are in the city.
I love taking pictures of billboards and advertisements. I found this advertisement rather amusing.

I found it kind of cool to turn this photo of a modern movie poster into an old timey looking photograph. The old architecture really adds to it.
Looking across to New Jersey I believe from the top of Highline park.

*underneath The Highline

Chelsea market in New York City!

Below is a screen shot of all of the different retail and restaurants located in Chelsea Market.

The Chelsea Market in New York City is very cool filled with little one of a kind shops. Its weird you feel like you are underground yet outside at the same time. You can get to the newly renovated Highline Park from Chelsea Market. We just stopped in Chelsea Market real quick to grab some ice cream and coffee. I grabbed some delicious Butter Pecan Ice Cream from the Ronnybrook Farm Dairy while my my family grabbed some coffee and we chilled in front of Amy's Breads where you can find delicious baguettes. The whole time we were sitting down the line never ended.

So recently I have found myself very jealous of people having an iphone with the instagram app. I love how instant you can turn a regular snapshot into art. My friend found me a link to someone that makes actions through photoshop that I can download for free. So I decided to test them out on some of these pics. I am pretty satisfied. I am intrigued to make my own now. Check it out @

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hudson Highlands Part 2.....

My cousin Dana sitting over the Hudson River outside NYC.
Family being family!
Aunt Suzanne hiking.
Spencer, my cousin, the tour guide.
This is not my dog. He just wanted to get in the picture with me. He was a very strong little powerful dog. Climbs up the Hudson Highlands regularly with his owner.
I feel very high up already here, but still not to the top.
My dear cousin Dana; or should I say my brother.
Gustavo Munoz: actor and friend. He lives in Los Angeles with my cousin Dana. You might have seen him on commercials like Church's Chicken, McDonald's and Verizon etc....

My Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Steve Volkmer-Jones and one of their sons Spencer Richardson-Jones. Good times!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Hudson Highlands!

I met up with some of my family in New York City over Memorial Day weekend. This was my 5th time to the city and was excited to do something a little different like actually leaving the city and visiting some of the country side. My cousin Spencer, the tour guide, decided to take us on a day hike through The Hudson Highlands Breakneck Ridge Trail. It is the highest point and the greatest view of the Hudson River Valley. It was hard to believe that the hike was only a half mile long but the incline was so steep it took us practically all day to climb up. This was not just an average day hike this was a rock climbing adventure. This was probably the most intense hike I had ever done but it was worth it!!
(from left to right: My cousin Spencer, Aunt Suzanne, Uncle Steve, Cousin Dana, and Gustavo.

That is Spencer, my cousin, the tour guide.

Dana got a little snap happy.
Me trying to take a self-portrait on top of the mountain.

I think this picture sort of gives you the feeling of what it was like being there.
My cousin Dana that now lives in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Mall in Central Park!

My cousin Spencer in front of the infamous Mall in Central Park.

The stairway leading up to The Mall.
I think this is the biggest bubble I have ever seen.
A city view from the walkover bridge in Central Park.

The Mall in Central Park is pretty magical. The new Tiffany advertisement that is all over Manhattan was taken in front of The Mall at Central Park.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The morning after I landed in NYC!

Staying with my cousin Spencer and his wife Jesse for the weekend. I just love their apartment! Unfortunately they live in a building on the fifth floor with no elevator. But I just fell in love with there apartment. I wish I had taken more photos of it!

My cousin keeps his Mac Air in a manilla envelope.

Penelope-the evil fat cat!