Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to my roommate!

Happy 24th Birthday to my roommate Emily Nicholls! Not only is she a product analyst for American Greetings but she also does her own fashion blog on the side called NO SWEATS ALLOWED. We decided to do a little photo shoot on the rooftop of our apartment building in Cleveland, Ohio at sunset. Hopefully there will be more collaboration photo shoots to come! Check it out!

Friday, August 3, 2012

New Homepage Website!

I am published!

I am published in the Autumn issue of "Where Women Create" 2012. There is a 6 page article about me and what I do for American Greetings.  I feel honored to be one of four artists chosen to represent American Greetings as a creative company in the magazine. I bet you did not know that American Greetings has the second largest creative studio in the world. This issue is a quarterly issue that came out August 1st and will be out for the month September and October as well.  You can purchase these magazines at places like Barnes & Nobles and Michael's Arts & Crafts Store.  Go buy one before they sell out!

 I had my roommate Emily Nicholls, creator of successful fashion blog No Sweats Allowed, do a photo shoot of me with the magazine on the top of the roof of our apartment building in Lakewood, Ohio at sunset. One of my new favorite places!