Thursday, February 26, 2009

The tallest dog on four legs.

This was taken last spring when I was walking around the back alleys of German Village.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blueberry Breakfast and Swimming Lessons!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Haynes family invited me over for breakfast at 9 in the morning before the kids' swimming lessons at 9:40am. For breakfast we had blueberry french toast and orange slices. Next it was time to get ready for swimming lessons and the kids were side tracked in there room when they wanted to show me all the change in there piggy bank. They dumped all the change out onto there bed and then Brian, the middle child, freaks out when he realizes that the cap that keeps all the change inside the piggy bank was stuck inside. So he waits patiently for his sister to try and get it out.

At swimming lessons they were pretty quiet and well behaved. After swimming lessons they played in the pool with there dad and would take turns on there father's back.

The Haynes Family invited me over for Dinner!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mike, the father is out of town in Chicago on business, so Emmy, the mother, invited me over for dinner with the kids to keep her company and relieve her from the stress of taking care of three little ones all day long by herself. These group of photos were my favorite from the night because it was after dinner and dessert and Emmy pulled out her quote book. Emmy tries to keep track of what she thinks are the funniest things her kids have ever said so she will never forget it. So she was sharing it with the kids and they were laughing so hard because they could not believe how funny they were. I knew this moment was not going to happen often so I grabbed my camera because I had never seen little kids laugh so hard.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What separates us?

Professional photographers have a vision before they capture the picture. They can control that vision and successfully make it happen through the eye of the camera. As opposed to amateur photographers they take pictures of moments they want to remember hoping their camera will capture the moment the way they remember it.

Dog Park

Mike the Bartender! Everyone here at the Dog Park refers to him as the bartender because he is the one that always supplies all the water for the dogs. He is from Pataskala, OH and comes to this Dog Park just about everday. He has two dogs: Buster, the brittany and another hound.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mental Photography

Today I shot with my digital camera intentionally without a card. I shot after lunch time in the cafeteria with one of my friends. She was the only one that knew I was shooting without a card which was a good experiment because she didn't really care about how she looked or what face she was making and she was not really into it because she likes it when I take her picture normally.

I would take pictures of other people in the cafeteria that were not aware of the experiment and it was funny because immediately they would move to try and get out of my shot. One of the people walking through the cafeteria was actually Mike Day, who is in my Documentary class and was aware of the assigned experiment but still try to dodge the camera when I was trying to capture him from way across the other side of the cafeteria. He thought I was really taking his picture and thought it was weir. I just kept snapping and pointing the camera in his direction. After it was all over I told Mike that I really didn't take any pictures of him to make him feel more comfortable, but then he acted like it did not bother him.

Another thing I noticed was that when people were aware of the camera pointing in there general direction they would look at me out of the corner of there eye and act like they had no idea I had a camera in my hand and continued to go about there business. I think, ideally, they really did want to be in the photograph but wanted to look like they had no idea I was taking there picture "hypothetically".

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Underwater pictures finally developed from over the past 7 years.....

The pictures taken in the pool are about 7 yrs old from when my best friend alex and I traveled to Hilton Head with my grandparents. The other ones that are taken at beach lake are from summer camp last year and they are from the same roll and taken with the same best friend. Weird but awesome at the same time. I miss shooting with disposable cameras. Isn't that why we got into photography in the first place...well before we knew about the darkroom.