Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Haynes Family- Columbus, Ohio

 The Haynes Family!  Emmy, Mike and their three kids Ellie, Brian, and David are a very nice, welcoming and energetic family from Columbus, Ohio.  I first met them back in 2008 while I was in my Junior year studying photography at Columbus College of Art and Design.  They were my first real photo gig where I actually got paid. I had such a fun time photographing them that we became very close.  They are my second family and their kids are the little brothers and sisters I never had.   Now, almost four years later since my first photo shoot with them, they want me to update their walls with new family photos.  Towards the end of the photo session we decided to re-create the infamous Haynes family photo posted above on the left from my first photo shoot with them. I love this family photo because it totally captures the spirit of the Haynes family all in one photo-happiness! Taking photos of this family makes me happy and I hope they make you happy too. I cannot get enough of these kids; they are so entertaining.  Maybe three years from now we can re-create this family photo again. I am looking forward to it. Enjoy some of my favorite photos of the Haynes family posted below.....

Ellie, 8 years old, a model in the making. It was great seeing her come up with all these different poses for the camera. She was working it. 

David, 3 years old, never stops smiling which means I cannot stop taking pictures of him smiling.

(from left to right: David, Brian, and Ellie peeking out of a cornstalk outside of Circleville, Ohio!
 Brian, six years old, has always loved the camera. Every time he looks through the lens his eyes just steal the spotlight.

The Haynes's just recently added a sixth member to the family, Trace, a border collie mix.

 My favorite picture of David. He has such a free spirit like his mother.

This was all Ellie's idea to balance the pumpkin on her all while being inside of her hoodie. 

 My favorite picture of Brian.

 My favorite picture of Ellie.

The Haynes Kids love to run. Just imagine a lot of screams and chaos in this photo. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

[i am not a skateboarder]

My first solo show opens up next week at the Treehouse (the best bar in Cleveland, Ohio) during the Tremont Art Walk located in Tremont, Ohio !
(Luckiest Day ever!!!!!)
Most of the things I share on my blog are photos but my show consists of mostly graphically designed mixed media paintings revolving around skateboards. I am not a skateboarder, but I am a photographer that likes to design skateboards as if I was one. I would love to get into designing skateboards, surfboards as well as snowboards. For some reason my head is in a skateboard world right now and I do not know why but I am enjoying it. I will be posting more photos of some more work from the show soon! Enjoy!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dave & Bonnie's Wedding Day!

David & Bonnie's Wedding Day!
 The Charter House
Annapolis, MD

The food at the Charter House is amazing!!

The father of the bride.

 The wedding ceremony and reception were both held at the Charter House against the awesome views of the Anapolis Harbor. What great views. One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to let alone photograph.
inside the Charter House

Yes that is the moon behind them!

The traditional gold Chinese necklace given to the bride by her mother.

The reception.

Some of the other pictures were taken at The Capitol Building of  Annapolis, MD.

The parents.

The beautiful bride walking down the aisle.