Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rome....6 months ago

The Panthenon in Rome, Italy! Those of you that follow my blog I never finished putting up all of the pictures from my Europe trip last summer. Our last stop was Rome and I am just now, 6 months later, getting to posting the pictures from Rome. To refresh your memory the trip to Europe was a graduation present from my Grandparents last summer 2009.

The best pizza we had on the whole trip was at the Napoli train station. Who would have thought?
Our last day in Sorrento, Italy before my Grandparents and I set out on a train to Rome.

My grandmother soon to be 75 years old is still in great shape for walking everywhere in Europe with me.

last morning in Sorrento...

The Spanish Steps: Rome, Italy

I became very drawn to the modern, very stark white, smooth sculptures mixed in the environment of ancient architecture. This sculpture reminds me of the Mentos Freshmaker, and this sculpture resembles the dissolving stages in your mouth.
Ancient Rome

Inside the Colloseum.

The Colloseum in Rome.
Vatican City

The biggest church in the World!

The overnight train ride from Rome to Paris. We are going home after our three week europe trip! Above are my grandparents!

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