Friday, August 3, 2012

I am published!

I am published in the Autumn issue of "Where Women Create" 2012. There is a 6 page article about me and what I do for American Greetings.  I feel honored to be one of four artists chosen to represent American Greetings as a creative company in the magazine. I bet you did not know that American Greetings has the second largest creative studio in the world. This issue is a quarterly issue that came out August 1st and will be out for the month September and October as well.  You can purchase these magazines at places like Barnes & Nobles and Michael's Arts & Crafts Store.  Go buy one before they sell out!

 I had my roommate Emily Nicholls, creator of successful fashion blog No Sweats Allowed, do a photo shoot of me with the magazine on the top of the roof of our apartment building in Lakewood, Ohio at sunset. One of my new favorite places!

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