Friday, November 1, 2013

My best friend got married!

 My best friend Megan Shipley got married! I have probably been dreaming of this day longer than she has.  I have known her and her family since I was two years old. We grew up together in Des Moines, Iowa.  Being two years older than me she has always been a great influence in my life.  My wedding gift to her was being the photographer at her wedding. I had a hard time editing these photos without crying and laughing.  We have so much history together and am just so happy to see her with a great guy named Robert Endriss.   Scroll down and check out the fabulous photos from her wedding at the Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa. 
 My best friend and her two red-headed sisters.
 Reiman Gardens:  Iowa State University; Ames, Iowa

 Dress Rehearsal

The Dress Rehearsal Dinner
Megan getting ready for the big day while dancing and making faces in front of the mirror. She has not changed one bit. 
Her husband, Robert Endriss.
The Groomsmen.

The newlyweds.
 My best friend, the beautiful bride. :)

Hey that is me (above) on the far right! :)
 The minister (Robert's Father).
 Robert's daughter and Megan's son (Jack).
 Robert's Mother.

 Father of the Bride
 The Ceremony

 The new family!
The Wedding Party.
 The newlyweds.

and the Father of the Bride again. :) 

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