Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mental Photography

Today I shot with my digital camera intentionally without a card. I shot after lunch time in the cafeteria with one of my friends. She was the only one that knew I was shooting without a card which was a good experiment because she didn't really care about how she looked or what face she was making and she was not really into it because she likes it when I take her picture normally.

I would take pictures of other people in the cafeteria that were not aware of the experiment and it was funny because immediately they would move to try and get out of my shot. One of the people walking through the cafeteria was actually Mike Day, who is in my Documentary class and was aware of the assigned experiment but still try to dodge the camera when I was trying to capture him from way across the other side of the cafeteria. He thought I was really taking his picture and thought it was weir. I just kept snapping and pointing the camera in his direction. After it was all over I told Mike that I really didn't take any pictures of him to make him feel more comfortable, but then he acted like it did not bother him.

Another thing I noticed was that when people were aware of the camera pointing in there general direction they would look at me out of the corner of there eye and act like they had no idea I had a camera in my hand and continued to go about there business. I think, ideally, they really did want to be in the photograph but wanted to look like they had no idea I was taking there picture "hypothetically".

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