Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chelsea market in New York City!

Below is a screen shot of all of the different retail and restaurants located in Chelsea Market.

The Chelsea Market in New York City is very cool filled with little one of a kind shops. Its weird you feel like you are underground yet outside at the same time. You can get to the newly renovated Highline Park from Chelsea Market. We just stopped in Chelsea Market real quick to grab some ice cream and coffee. I grabbed some delicious Butter Pecan Ice Cream from the Ronnybrook Farm Dairy while my my family grabbed some coffee and we chilled in front of Amy's Breads where you can find delicious baguettes. The whole time we were sitting down the line never ended.

So recently I have found myself very jealous of people having an iphone with the instagram app. I love how instant you can turn a regular snapshot into art. My friend found me a link to someone that makes actions through photoshop that I can download for free. So I decided to test them out on some of these pics. I am pretty satisfied. I am intrigued to make my own now. Check it out @

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