Monday, June 20, 2011

The Hudson Highlands!

I met up with some of my family in New York City over Memorial Day weekend. This was my 5th time to the city and was excited to do something a little different like actually leaving the city and visiting some of the country side. My cousin Spencer, the tour guide, decided to take us on a day hike through The Hudson Highlands Breakneck Ridge Trail. It is the highest point and the greatest view of the Hudson River Valley. It was hard to believe that the hike was only a half mile long but the incline was so steep it took us practically all day to climb up. This was not just an average day hike this was a rock climbing adventure. This was probably the most intense hike I had ever done but it was worth it!!
(from left to right: My cousin Spencer, Aunt Suzanne, Uncle Steve, Cousin Dana, and Gustavo.

That is Spencer, my cousin, the tour guide.

Dana got a little snap happy.
Me trying to take a self-portrait on top of the mountain.

I think this picture sort of gives you the feeling of what it was like being there.
My cousin Dana that now lives in Los Angeles.

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