Monday, July 27, 2009

Island of favorite place in the world

advertisement shot right in front of me

goodbye capri

the island in the bkgrd
the beaches of capri

on top of the world

at the bottom of the fariglioni obsessed with these rocks

some day i want to go back and kayak in between these rocks off the island of capri

trying to take it in

the fariglioni them for some reason


Lauren Davis said...

I love your landscape shots......they are really great in this round of photographs that you've posted. Also, I do love the advertisement shot. It does really look like it could be on for that watch.

Ps. I can see why in the world Capri is your favorite place. Wow....I'm pretty sure that is where I need to go as well.

Amy Glass said...

I spent a weekend there while I was abroad! It's amazing even in February when I was there. I stayed at the top of the island in Anacapri. Had the whole island to ourselves, ate dinner with the locals. Amazing. Did you take the ski lift up to the of Monte Solaro?