Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sorrento, Italy.......

the early morning
the balcony off of our room
the edge of sorrento
fisherman on the rocks

my feet at the pool deck looking over onto the sorrento bay
the hotel pool...magnificent

we walked all the way from that cliff on the right all the way down here to get on the ferry to take us to the island of capri
im obsessed with the way this mountain looks from across the ocean.....really we are looking at the other side of the bay of Napoli
the bay at night
bottled favorite place we dined on the whole trip

there the mountain is again behind us while we are eating

everywhere you go you have to take a picture

on the top floor is the parking lot of our hotel

to the left of our hotel....all the hotels are built on the sides of these cliffs giving the illusion that we are hovering over the water

panoramic from our hotel balcomny

grandma and grandpa with their 8 bags of luggage on the subway to sorrento

on the train from florence to napoli

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